An Introduction

You have many options when attempting to lose weight. There are no shortages of diet plans, exercise plans and even expensive surgeries. However, hypnosis is tailored especially to you. With the help of Dr. Marji Prefontaine, hypnosis can prove powerful and very effective in ways that can keep you on track for a healthy lifestyle, mind, body and soul.

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How It Works

Within an individual's mind is a self-image. Behavior is congruent with this self-image. One who sees themself as "fat" will subconsciously reinforce behavior that encourages that reality. Hypnosis brings self image into conscious awareness & modifies it to the person's ideals.

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Other Practices

Dr. Prefontaine's Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Session is a revolutionary process that can help individuals with problems losing weight. Our process uses clinical hypnosis to replicate the effects of actual surgical gastric banding, but without the wide array of side effects that the surgery can cause.

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Is it really will power? Dr. Marji Prefontaine, can help you find out what might be keeping you from sticking to a healthy eating plan and losing the weight you need to get healthy and stay healthy. Dr. Prefontaine is a licensed counselor and hypnotherapist, who has successfully assisted clients for more than 30 years with everything from changing addictive behaviors, to overcoming fears and phobias, to improving personal relationships. Dr. Prefontaine has a dotorate in marriage and family therapy from Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas.